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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Implementing A Framework for Accountability

In his post about Risk Management Made Easy…, Mike Myatt, the chief strategy officer for N2Growth (and author of the N2Growth blog) asserts that:

"Accountability is the lowest cost, most practical and most productive form of risk management and quality assurance that can be implemented across an enterprise. It is really nothing more than a common sense understanding that decisions made within a framework are going to have a greater chance of success than those made in a vacuum."

In his post, Myatt "examines not only the benefits of accountability, but also how to implement a framework for accountability within your business…"

His solution? Setting up an enterprise wide framework for accountability is as simple as implementing the following three items:

  1. Have a clearly articulated statement of corporate values.
  2. Have a written delegation of authority.
  3. Implement a good leadership development program.
Read Mike's entire post on accountability here.

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