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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Process is Vital To Lasting Excellence

Our friend Gary, over at High Performance Business, offers his advice here in "You Need A System for Your Business" -talking about the virtues of having a "system" for your business.

In today's world of "strategic-initiative-of-the-day" and other equally insane knee-jerk reactions, having a system is the major difference between high-performing organizations, and ones that will never get there.

The key points of having a system are essentially a systematic way of thinking about and executing on your strategy. Gary's observation that "your system should be documented in an Operations Manual" -- is spot on.

Only by developing clear, concise business processes will you be able to document how your business works. Think of franchises: how is it that McDonald's is consistent, predictable, systematic - at every location? They've documented their processes. So that everyone in the organization know what, how and why they need to do their activities -- in order to be successful.

BOTTOMLINE: An operations manual has many benefits - execution, consistency, repeatability. The Six Disciplines Business System takes the use of creating and documenting your business processes in an "Operations Manual" to the next level. All of your business processes - from simple ones like ordering new phones or business cards for new Team Members -- to complex ones like setting up new project initiatives -- can be set up in the business system. All online (no paper here!) - exposed to everyone within the organization, searchable by any keyword in the process, with embedded links to actual business processes and on-line learning.

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