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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Trend Toward Software As Services For Small Business

Anita Campbell, over at Small Business Trends, hones in on the buzz about the "Trend Toward Software As Services For Small Business" which has received enormous play now that Microsoft has begun to legitimize it.

Anita offers two assertions that may be appropriate for readers of Be Excellent™:

  • If you are a small technology company, it (software as service) has the power to make your products cheaper to build, sell and deliver. You will need much less cash investment in such a business.
  • If you are a small business that is a user of technology, your choices of affordable, easy-to-implement services are going to become much bigger. You will have access to ever more powerful software, without the need for involving your already-stretched — or non-existent — information technology staff.
BOTTOMLINE: Interestingly enough, Six Disciplines uses a "hybrid" services model that includes not only "software as service" - but also includes "service as service." In other words, the Six Disciplines Business System adheres to a "software as service" model, in both deployment over the Internet, and in pricing. In addition, the business coaching offered through Six Disciplines Leadership Centers provides the local, trusted advisory services organizations need, in order to keep on track, and continually improve their performance.

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