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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Managing Performance Effectively

Ventana Research, the leading performance management research and advisory services firm, has unveiled a series of research studies that quantify companies' lack of the information and technology they need to manage performance effectively.

The research results to be released at the Connections 2006 event (Ventana Research's upcoming Analyst and Research Summit on Performance Management) include findings that have implications for the ability of corporate executive management to deliver maximum productivity and value:

  • Almost 50% of those individuals in businesses using scorecards and dashboards to be able to manage to established metrics cannot drill down to find out supporting details and more than a third cannot change the perspective or views of the information.
  • Only 30% of organizations are using their expensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in ways that support performance management.
  • Almost 67% of all scorecards, dashboards and alerts are internally developed and lack key functions
  • More than 70% of companies have scorecards measures that are subject to manipulation or “gaming”
  • 61% of dashboard users cannot drill down to important details
  • 62% of users said their performance alerts were out-of-date and not helpful in guiding a response

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