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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Business Improvement Programs, Methods, Models and Theories

As you can see from the list here, there are literally hundreds of business improvement methods, models and theories - from some of the greatest minds in business, management and academic theory. Many of them are based on proven business best practices.

But if you ask small and mid-sized business leaders today - they'll tell you straight up:

"We don't need any more good ideas! What we need is to take one approach to improving our business - and STICK WITH IT."

BOTTOMLINE: The shortcoming with most business improvement efforts is that for one reason or another, they don’t last. They don’t stick around long enough to deal with both your current and future challenges. Our program, Six Disciplines, is different. It’s designed to be implemented, and embraced, by your organization in an enduring way.

Six Disciplines™ is the first enduring business excellence program optimized for small and mid-sized businesses. The program is based on four key elements:
  • A REPEATABLE METHODOLOGY to drive organizational learning.
  • ONGOING EXTERNAL COACHING to keep employees accountable and the organization focused on achieving its goals.
  • A PROACTIVE ORGANIZATIONAL ALIGNMENT system to align the activities of every team member, every day.
  • A SHARED LEARNING COMMUNITY of like-minded people – you, your employees, your business peers, Six Disciplines coaches – exchanging best practices to accelerate learning and continuous performance improvement.

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