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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Role of the CEO

Elizabeth Haas Edersheim, author of "The Definitive Drucker," posts this article about Peter Drucker's "Unfinished Chapter:" The Role of the CEO.

Elizabeth's key comments:

  • Amid the turbulence of the 21st century, Drucker rightly saw CEOs as more important than ever. They had to provide leadership--strategic leadership, moral leadership, human leadership--and strike a balance.
  • If I were to distill into one word Peter's thoughts on what makes a truly great CEO, I would choose courage; courage to do what is right, courage to trailblaze change, ourage to break the rules in an industry still in its infancy

Drucker defined three traits unique to a CEO:

  1. A broad field of vision combined with the ability to ask and answer what needs to be done.
  2. Accountability for the CEO's own imprint on the organization's character, values, and personality.
  3. The influence the CEO has on people--individually and collectively.

Read the entire article here at Leader to Leader.

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