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Thursday, August 16, 2007

How NOT To Implement Change In Your Organization

It happens a hundred times every day.

An executive or management team discovers or formulates a new initiative. They devise, and then implement the idea thinking, “wow…is this a great strategy.”

When it is finally introduced, they wonder why it is not welcomed or enthusiastically accepted.

Why? Here's a typical process that many organizations use to conceive and introduce new ideas:

  1. Decide a change is needed
  2. Make plans behind closed doors
  3. Draw up charts
  4. Call a meeting
  5. Surprise! I have come up with a grand new organizational plan
  6. See where each of you fit in my plan
  7. Now get to work making it happen
  8. Tell those who resist that they are not “team players”
  9. Take all the credit for any success

BOTTOMLINE: Sadly, this is a typical process in an autocratic organization. The resulting loss of talent, resources and effectiveness are enormous. The bad news is that everyday this process is repeated over and over again and in some organizations from generation to generation. The good news is that everyday a few souls are changing their attitude and embracing a servant-leader approach.

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