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Friday, August 24, 2007

Building Organizational Accountability

...Imagine working in an environment where all employees are fully engaged in what they do, excited about their work, accept personal responsibility for their performance and are committed to the organization.

...Envision your colleagues connected to the vision of the company, looking forward to coming to work and actually wanting to provide customers and the community with exceptional service.

Sound far-fetched?

In recent years, the Gallup Organization has stepped up its research efforts, particularly in organizational culture, management effectiveness and employee engagement.

The research has revealed three types of employees: engaged, not engaged and actively disengaged.

Their key recommendation? Companies need to build a culture based on trust, freedom, responsibility and accountability within a framework — a culture where people are willing to go the extra mile and perhaps to extreme lengths to fulfill their responsibilities.

How to build accountability into your own organization?

  • Set the challenge, create and communicate a vision or goal that compels others
  • Engage people in the possibilities and speak those possibilities in a clear, concise and consistent fashion.
  • Create trust by leading by example, setting a positive tone by never doubting people and getting others to do versus being asked to do.
  • Distribute power by sharing decision making, giving credit where credit is due and valuing innovation.
  • Understand strengths and areas for development and looking for the shining eyes in the organization.
  • Celebrate successes by recognizing performance and rewarding the results.

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