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Friday, August 03, 2007

Six Disciplines Announces Breakthrough Business Excellence Program

Six Disciplines, LLC today unveiled the next steps in its breakthrough business excellence program, specifically designed to address the greatest business challenge – executing a company’s strategy.

Six Disciplines offers a unique program that encompasses four elements for long-term success: a business-building methodology; continuous accountability coaching; activity alignment software that inspires individual and team accountability; and the competitive advantages of a shared learning community.

The program is delivered to small and mid-sized businesses through Six Disciplines Centers, a nationwide network of accountability coaches who provide ongoing support, mentoring and training for continual improvement.

“While CEOs vary in their definitions of excellence, most agree that business excellence is a never-ending pursuit, in a world of increasing challenges,” said Gary Harpst, CEO and founder of Six Disciplines. “Therefore, a business excellence program must be able to build an organization’s capability to execute, and it must do so in an enduring way. We challenge CEOs to realize that a specific current issue is a symptom of a deeper need that all growing organizations have: the need to systematically improve their organization’s ability to manage their next challenge,” said Harpst.

Read the entire release here.

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