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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The CEO's Job - Creating Lasting Value

What is authentic leadership for the small business CEO?

We need to spend more time developing the next generation of authentic leaders within our companies.

Failure to develop outstanding successors has forced far too many organizations to look outside for the next chief executive.

Typically, CEOs don’t design anything, make anything or sell anything. Their job is to create the strategies for building the business and to create the kind of positive environment that enables our employees to do these vital jobs.

The only way to build lasting value in our companies is to focus on our missions, our customers and our employees.

BOTTOMLINE: So what will create lasting value?

  • Building your business by pursuing your mission with a passion.
  • Connecting every day with your employees.
  • Being out with your customers looking for great ideas for growth.
  • Being true to your core values in every decision.
  • Building an enduring organization of authentic leaders from top to bottom.
  • Getting results for all your stakeholders, not just the shareholder of the past five minutes.

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