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Monday, July 17, 2006

Improve Your Business Reviews Six Disciplines for Excellence

Manny Sequeira, over at Improve Your Business, has published his review of Six Disciplines for Excellence.

Here are some excerpts from Manny's review:

"In his book "Six Disciplines for Excellence", Gary Harpst details a roadmap for small businesses to learn, lead and last. The result is a book which is lays out a systematic approach for building and sustaining a successful business - driven by excellence. This systematic approach is what Harpst has termed The Six Disciplines."

"Gary Harpst and his team have put a tremendous amount of work into detailing the steps within each of these disciplines so that this book can really be used as a small business owner's manual. They have succeeded in developing a practical methology for those of us who spend too much time "working in the business, instead of on the business."

"I like the approach and would recommend the book, as it is uniquely tailored for small businesses; it is well written with a lot of substance; and gives business owners a practical tool that they can use to implement business improvement for sustainability, growth and excellence."

Read the entire review here.

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