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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Comparing Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Seth Godin, a marketing genius (who has the ability to make very complex things - simple), offers this explanation of the differences between entrepreneurs and small business owners, in his article: "So, what's wrong with small business?"

According to Seth, entrepreneurs:
  • Think big thoughts and do big things
  • Try to make money while they sleep, and does it with someone else's money!
  • Build a business bigger than themselves, that scales for a long time, that is about processes and markets

On the other hand, small business owners:

  • Settle, working their way through the day to day
  • Are basically freelancers with support
  • Someone who understands the natural size of their business and wants to enjoy the craft of doing it every day.
BOTTOMLINE: According to Seth, "The more I see both, the happier it appears that small business people are. They often make more money, take fewer risks, sleep better and build something for the ages, something they believe in and can polish and be proud of. Growth for growth's sake makes less sense every day."

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