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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Changing Behaviors And Processes

"Fixing or otherwise improving a process usually involves changing it in some way."

But....Which Comes First: Process or Behavior?

"One failing is a tendency to develop ideal processes on paper, without addressing elements of human behavior. I suspect it’s a by-product of being trained in a highly data-driven methodology (like Six Sigma). We expect that if we can use good data to demonstrate that a process change will result in an improvement, then people will automatically change their behavior."

BOTTOMLINE: For any change to take place, behaviors (habits) need to change before processes can successfully be changed.

  • To grow your business... something needs to improve.
  • To improve performance... something needs to change.
  • To change effectively... it needs to last.
  • To make it last… you need Six Disciplines™.

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