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Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Reviewer Talks About Six Disciplines

Scott Young is one of the most prolific and detailed bloggers out there on topics like goal setting, time management, discipline, and personal development . He has an obsessive passion for personal development.

Recently, he was able to spend some time and read Six Disciplines for Excellence.

Here's what he had to say:

"I finished the book a few days ago. The book is great with a lot of excellent ideas. Unlike a lot of the books I've read which tout theories this actually goes into specific detail for implementing ideas. Being heavily biased towards implementation myself, I appreciated a more detailed look at how to run a small business that wasn't just platitudes and feel-good messages."

Scott also added:

"Unfortunately the precision in the book is also the reason I wont be able to publish a review. I hold myself to a strict standard of not promoting ideas I haven't been able to test. Although there are hundreds of excellent ideas here I won't be able to test them until I am in the position of running a small business."

Why the hesitation/reluctance?

You see, as amazing as it seems, Scott just recently graduated from high school! I encourage you to visit his blog and spend some quality time there.

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