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Friday, July 14, 2006

Reasons for Formal Process Improvement

The QualityGuru suggests the following Reasons Why You Know You Need A Formal Process Improvement Structure:

  1. Fragmented processes causing delays and defects:
  2. Customer Complaints: For every customer that complains about your product or service, there are 16 more that won’t tell you directly. Word of mouth can kill you!
  3. Supplier Complaints: Do your suppliers complain about the last minute delays imposed on them?
  4. Employee’s Whining: What’s stopping your employees from doing a good job? “I could do my job better if ____”.
  5. Blaming People: The problems are in your processes, not your people.
  6. Knee jerk Reactions: Managing by Gut feelings. “
  7. Margins are low, expenses are high, and our growth is stalled.
  8. Field failures.
  9. Too many inspectors: You cannot inspect quality in, but you can build it in.
  10. Absenteeism and turnover: Employees don’t want to do a bad job.

BOTTOMLINE: The need for formal process improvement can be any one or a combination of these symptoms. And, there are many different business process improvement methods to adopt. Only Six Disciplines is designed specifically for smaller organizations, focuses primarily on execution vs. theory, and is optimized for use over the Internet.

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