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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Critical Leadership Challenges

The Center for Creative Leadership asked its readers to identify the critical leadership challenges facing them and their organizations.

The results of their survey:

"What are the critical leadership challenges that you face in your current job?" (multiple responses)
  • 68% said "managing change and complexity"
  • 59% said "developing others for leadership roles"
  • 54% said "working collaboratively by building and maintaining relationships"
  • 54% said "communicating effectively"
  • 53% said "building an effective team"

What are the critical leadership challenges that your organization faces? (multiple responses)

  • 70% said "developing leadership at all levels"
  • 66% said "developing a climate for innovation"
  • 61% said "developing high potential and emerging leaders"
  • 59% said "operating from an integrated understanding of the organization"

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