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Friday, September 14, 2007

Discipline II. Set Goals That Lead

No organization has the resources to do all things at once; goal setting by itself, it not enough.

The purpose of Discipline II. Set Goals That Lead - is to help organizations to formulate goals and initiatives that lead people to take action that is aligned with what's most important (Discipline I. Decide What's Important) to the organization

Well-defined goals are among the most powerful and effective communication tools available to any business leader -- yet most leaders don't know how to set goals that lead their people in the right direction.

While working on Discipline II. Set Goals That Lead, organizations produce annual goals that are clear and measurable.

Pursuing these goals will lead the people in the organization to align their activities with the Vital Few Objectives set in Discipline I. Decide What's Important.

The goal statements produced take into account past experiences, including previous measures and goals, as well as misalignments of activities and people (organizational mismatches).

BOTTOMLINE: The result of Discipline II. Set Goals That Lead is a brief company goals statement that every team member can understand. There's no greater tool for improving the performance of an organization than setting well-thought-out goals -- it's one of the most effective communication tools of leadership. But it takes a long-term, disciplined approach for an organization to learn how to Set Goals That Lead.

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