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Friday, September 14, 2007

Aligning Recognition With Strategy Execution

According to a recent article in Human Capital Management Magazine:

"A major new trend will affect corporate recognition in 2006 and beyond: aligning recognition practices with strategy execution."

In a recent survey, CEOs across America were asked to list their top 10 challenges for 2006. In response, these CEOs answered that sustained, steady top-line growth and profit growth were the two most important challenges.

No surprise.

But it may surprise you to know that No. 3 on the list is “consistent execution of strategy by top management.”

Intensifying market pressures are requiring companies to make very deliberate strategic choices about what they will be become. However, most organizations fail to implement their
strategy successfully.

Why? Because culture eats strategy for lunch.

Unless carefully cultivated, company culture is an underestimated force that will smother change efforts. If senior leaders are to be effective in driving strategic initiatives (change initiatives), they must engage their people."

BOTTOMLINE: "The the consistent results of successful companies are achieved through
thousands of small but significant actions."

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