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Thursday, March 29, 2007

360-Degree Feedback Surveys

The 360-degree feedback survey was originally used to determine professional development needs, but quickly gained popularity as a performance appraisal tool.

The 360-degree feedback survey aims to provide employees with feedback on their performance from those above, below, and at the same level in the company.

With managerial support, employees are expected to analyze the feedback to identify their strengths and weaknesses and then develop a plan to improve their productivity and effectiveness.

If 360-degree feedback is of interest to you, download this document from ManyWorlds that describes the model.

BOTTOMLINE: In addition to built-in performance appraisals, the Six Disciplines System also includes built-in 360-degree feedback surveys, which can be sent automatically via email to those internally (above, below and peer-level), as well as to external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, etc.)

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