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Monday, March 26, 2007

Employee Engagement - Part II

Research has shown that the average employee engagement figures for the United States are:

  • 30% Engaged
  • 54% NOT Engaged
  • 16% Actively Disengaged
Keith Ayers in his book, Engagement Is Not Enough, says that it is a leadership issue and the problem is critical.

According to the Gallup Organization, the problem usually begins in the first six months when an average of over 60% of employees switch off. This is basically due to the perceived realization that their expectations are not going to be met.

How to avoid disengagement?

  1. Don't obsess over financial results (vs. creating an enviroment that enables results)
  2. Don't obsess over control and micromanagement (vs. trusting them to get the job done)
  3. Don't obsess over avoiding responsibility (vs. your responsibility to lead)
  4. Don't obsess over logic (vs. emotion)

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