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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Secret to Achieving Sustainable Business Excellence is..

....there IS NO SECRET.

Let’s face it. If there was a secret or shortcut to achieving lasting business excellence -- we'd all be doing it.

There's tons of great business improvement ideas out there...take your pick: "Good to Great", "Covey's 7 Habits", "E-Myth", "Built To Last".....and hundreds of others by best-selling business authors.

So why don't organizations use these ideas? Why don't these ideas turn into action? Most importantly - why don't these great ideas last?
What's missing in this picture?

At Six Disciplines, our research shows there are four key components for a complete business excellence program:

  • A holistic business-building methodology
  • Local accountability coaching
  • An activity management system
  • A shared learning community

BOTTOMLINE: Take out any ONE of these, and it just doesn't LAST. It's no secret!

Six Disciplines is the first sustainable business excellence program - optimized for execution - and designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses.

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