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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Organizational Behavior and Strategy Execution

To create the conditions needed for successful strategy execution, it should be understood that the attitudes and behaviours of people in any organization are driven by five dimensions of organizational behavior:
  1. Strategy Cohesiveness. Do your people really understand the strategy and what it means for their job? Do they buy into it and support it?
  2. Customer Focus. Do your people have an understanding of the customer relationship and the value proposition, even if they have no direct customer contact? Do they know how to deliver value to the customer?
  3. Leadership Behavior. Does leadership communicate a passion and excitement for the future? Is there the necessary style, motivation and commitment?
  4. Performance Management. Are your performance metrics in line with your chosen strategy? Are employees recognized, evaluated and rewarded according to these metrics?
  5. Organizational Culture. Do the attitudes, values and beliefs of employees match the organisation’s core values and core strategy?

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