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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Organizational Accountability and Discipline

From the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning comes this article:

In his book about great organizations, Good To Great, Jim Collins concludes:

"Sustained great results depend upon building a culture full of self-disciplined people who take disciplined action, fanatically consistent with the three circles."

(The three circles for an organization are 1.) what it can be best in the world at, 2.) what its people are already deeply passionate about, and 3.) what drives its economic engine.)

He further states, "A culture of discipline is not just about action. It is about getting disciplined people...who engage in disciplined thought and...who then take disciplined action."

What are the qualities of disciplined workers?

  • They exhibit "training, especially of the mind or character," "a trained condition of order and obedience" and "the training effect of experience, misfortune etc."
  • They have a habit of self-discipline (the discipline comes primarily from within and it is "grooved").
  • They typically finish things they start.
  • They are capable of facing and dealing with brutal facts, even about themselves.
  • They are willing to adhere to the organization's systems for getting work done.
  • They have a passion for doing certain types of work or advancing certain purposes.
  • They possess unique skill sets.

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