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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Managing During Change

Barbara Kay, an executive coach and trainer with Advantage Coaching & Training, offers her take on the key issues of change management (at Management Issues):

Barbara's assertions:

  • Change management is a hot topic. There are change management consultants, change management systems and coaches who help people handle change.
  • With all of that expertise available, it can still feel like we are just barely getting by during times of change.

The first battle of any change situation is harnessing a desire to succeed.

The second big win was their sincere appreciation for their staff and a keen interest in supporting staff needs.

The third victory was their realistic yet hopeful attitude.

Finally they had adopted a powerful change leadership attitude.

BOTTOMLINE: "Change is not easy. Dramatic and repeated changes are especially challenging. When you think that you are barely managing, take stock, because you may be doing much better than you realize. "

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