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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

15 Habits of High Performing Individuals

Perhaps it's time to add these pointers to your daily routine?

  1. They always live by the motto, “I must do the most productive thing at every given moment.” There are only so many hours in the day, and losing a few minutes here and a few minutes there adds up. To stay focused and productive, end each day by writing down the six most important things you have to do the next day and then follow your list.
  2. They plan their time well in advance. Keeping an updated calendar will help you avoid conflicts and be more efficient in allocating your time. Don’t forget to schedule some personal time too.
  3. They have a game plan for where they want to go. By writing down your mission and vision, you’ll have a goal to work toward and a game plan to keep you on the right path.
  4. They are early-risers. By rising early, you can get a leg up on everybody and take advantage of the early morning hours when everything is peaceful and quiet.
  5. They know the difference between good fear and bad fear. Use good fear to encourage you to take stronger action and eliminate bad fear by not worrying about things you have no control over (like the markets).
  6. They have well-defined short, medium and long-term goals that meet the SMAC test (specific, measurable, achievable, compatible). Have clear goals that are motivating and review them every day. Consider putting your goals into a PowerPoint slide and then have your local copy shop print it and laminate it for you.
  7. They abhor busy work. Don’t let idle chitchat, paper shuffling and busywork bog you down. Focus on your goals and eliminate what gets in the way.
  8. They are very organized. By keeping your desk clean, organizing your files and using checklists, you can eke out more hours in the day. Extend this to your personal life too.
  9. They are great communicators. Ronald Reagan was a master communicator and storyteller. Whether you like his politics or not, he was able to articulate his message and make you feel good about it. By improving your communication skills and storytelling skills, you’ll make a better connection with clients and prospects, which, in turn, will lead to more business.
  10. They are health conscious. Being a top achiever requires energy and stamina. Regular exercise and a healthy diet will make you feel good, improve your confidence and give you the fuel to keep going when everyone else is falling by the wayside.
  11. They have a burning desire to succeed. You can work smart, have discipline and be knowledgeable, but if you don’t have a burning desire to succeed, you’ll fall short of your potential. Burning desire comes from within, so spend some time identifying what it is you want in life, then put all your energy and resources behind getting it.
  12. They can motivate others. Success is best when it is shared. Being able to motivate others and help them reach their hopes, dreams and aspirations will go a long way toward helping you reach yours.
  13. They practice the fundamentals. In football, the quarterback and the running backs get most of the glory. Yet, without the lineman, there would be no protection and no holes for the running backs to shoot through. By staying focused on the basics, you can position yourself for the big breakthroughs.
  14. They are spiritual. They have faith in a higher being and follow a path toward enlightenment.
  15. They continually seek wisdom. The minute you close your eyes to learning is the minute you start to atrophy. Top achievers constantly learn from others and know they’ll never know it all.

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