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Monday, May 14, 2007

The Importance of Project Management To Execution

Management-Issues reports on recent study by Boston-based Novations Group, who asked 2,000 senior HR and training and development executives across the U.S. about their experience with major projects and how well – or badly – they are executed.

Their findings? A glaring absence of project management discipline means that just:

  • Only 35 percent felt that their organization normally managed to execute projects effectively
  • 40 percent said that they sometimes experienced delays and cost overruns, while a quarter admitted that such problems were frequent
The primary causes for missed deadlines and overruns?

  • Two-thirds of those surveyed put them down to having inadequate time and resources, while half said that their organizations lacked any project management discipline.
BOTTOMLINE: "Wise organizations make project management capabilities a priority and take pains to be certain the training and methodology are in place. But many companies have to learn the hard way, and that's no longer excusable now that the stakes have gotten so high."

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