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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Vision and Meaning: A Foundation for Excellence

"Vision Without Action...Is Just a Dream.
Action Without Vision...Just Passes the Time.
But, Vision and Action...Can Change the World."
Joel Barker

Creating Vision

In examining the relationship between corporate vision, individual purpose, and meaning, the ongoing task of executive organizational leadership is to articulate and nurture a shared vision that engages and empowers individuals in order to bring out the best in people.

This does not mean that vision creation is the sole responsibility of the CEO or even a small group of senior managers. Many executives mistakenly think they must come up with a vision that others will follow. However, the opposite is true. In fact, successful companies have found that the broader the participation in creating a vision, the greater the commitment people will have to it.

A simple adage to remember this concept is: people will support that which they help to create.

BOTTOMLINE: The cornerstone of a corporate vision is a clear image of how you will satisfy some important customer need. It is crucial that this image be created from what customers perceive to satisfy their needs not what you think will satisfy them. This requires individuals and organizations to interact extensively with their customers in order to perceive the world from the customers perspective.

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