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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Engage Your Team

In Discipline II. Set Goals That Lead, the final step is II-D. Engage the Team.

Given that execution is a far greater challenge than strategy formulation, the ultimate core competency for any organization is realized when all individuals make strategy (execution) their everyday job."

Since research shows that less than 5% of the typical workforce understands their organization's strategy, it is critical to engage the team so they understand and commit - and make it their own.

This cannot be achieved by words alone - it has to be achieve through action.

To communicate the change process, conduct an "engage the team" meeting that accomplishes the following:
  • Use the event as an opportunity to interact and learn
  • Create a sense that things are happening “live”
  • Provide the opportunity for people to see, touch, and shape the change
  • Use data collected before and during the event to inform discussion
  • Promote openness and flexibility over control and confidentiality
  • Ensure the active involvement and high visibility of the senior leadership team
  • Emphasize that the event is not an end in itself
BOTTOMLINE: As you're communicating, ask yourself whether you're getting compliance - or commitment. Use group presentations and one-on-one presentations to allow interaction and lessen intimidation. Interaction moves people from compliance to enrollment, and from enrollement to commitment.

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