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Monday, May 21, 2007

Eight Steps to Transform Your Company

According to change expert John P. Kotter:

Producing change is about 80 percent leadership -- establishing direction, aligning, motivating, and inspiring people -- and about 20 percent management -- planning, budgeting, organizing, and problem solving.

Results and vision can be plotted on a matrix that has four dimensions.

* Poor results and weak vision spell sure trouble for any organization (Stagnation)

* Good short-term results with a weak vision satisfy many organizations -- for awhile. (Unsustainable success)

* A compelling vision that produces few results usually is abandoned. (Abandoned vision)

* Only good short-term results with an effective, aligned vision offer a high probability of sustained success.

Here are Kotter's eight steps to transform your company:

  1. Establish a Sense of Urgency
  2. Form a Powerful Guiding Coalition
  3. Create a Vision
  4. Communicate the Vision
  5. Empower Others to Act on the Vision
  6. Plan for and Create Short-Term Wins
  7. Consolidate Improvements and Produce Still More Change
  8. Institutionalize New Approaches

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