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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Center for Workplace Excellence Reviews Six Disciplines

Dan Bobinski is the CEO and director of the Center for Workplace Excellence. He's been consulting on management and leadership issues for more than 18 years, working with the entire spectrum of business—from small regional concerns to companies in the Fortune 500.

Much of his work has been with leadership and management teams, enhancing and refining their thinking processes and tools to move them from surviving to thriving. Over the years, he's honed his programs to provide the best and most essential components. After working with hundreds of businesses, he's seen, heard, and read a lot. Simply put, Dan knows more than a thing or two about management, business improvement and excellence.

His overall impressions of Six Disciplines for Excellence?

"So with that background, Six Disciplines for Excellence has my full and complete endorsement. It’s probably the best book I’ve come across for building a sound and thriving business."

"I’m very glad I was asked to read it–it’s awesome. Everyone in leadership should read it."

"Perhaps it’s best to consider Six Disciplines a workbook (and it’s probably the best business-building workbook I’ve seen). In my opinion, many larger organizations would benefit from reading it, too. It’s not only easy to read, it outlines of the key steps for success that I taught for years in my management development programs—and more—all in a very well-organized fashion."

"Read it and you’ll be enlightened."

Wow! We're humbled. Thank you, Dan!

Check out his blog, and his contributions to Management-Issues here.

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