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Monday, May 08, 2006

The 6 C's of Leadership

The 6 C's of Leadership, as described at a recent Global Conference....

  1. Courage. Great leaders take risks. That takes planning and discipline, to be sure, but most of all it takes courage
  2. Creativity. Great leaders embrace imagination. They foster innovation. Do it with economic logic and operational discipline, yes, but do it with creativity
  3. (and 4) Compassion and Caring. Caring deeply about what you’re doing, about the welfare of your people and customers, and about doing things with a strong moral fiber. Great leaders have emotional and ethical as well as intellectual integrity. They love, and they love ethically.
  4. Curiosity. Great leaders come to the party with a sense of wonder and awe. They restlessly and repeatedly ask questions like-- What’s out there? (let's check it out!) What’s behind there? What’s underneath there? What if? Why not? When can we try it? What will happen? What did happen? What did we learn? What’s our next step?
  5. Consistency. The issue of consistency is essential for effective branding and sustained competitive success. Great leaders create an environment where C’s #1-5 aren’t a one-shot flash-in-the-pan deal, but so steady and ingrained that people inside and outside the organization can count on them.

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