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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What If...Part V

What If...

...there was a local Six Disciplines Leadership Center near you, staffed with passionate, service-driven professionals who were experts in empowering the best-performing small businesses to adopt this methodology and integrate the system into their business?

…this local business coaching organization was staffed with professionals who were experts at drawing priorities and decisions out of the people in your organization, as opposed to suggesting what your priorities should be?

…this local business coaching organization was also certified in helping you align your business priorities so everyone in your organization can learn to execute toward your established goals and objectives?

…this local business coaching organization was there to show you to learn how to use the Six Disciplines Methodology -- so it becomes a natural, rhythmic way of working on your business?

…this local business coaching organization sole purpose was to keep your organization on track, make you accountable, and to make these continual improvements sustainable, and last for the long-term?

…this local business coaching organization professional staff worked with you to document your most important business processes and workflows so they become known and accessible to everyone in your organization?

...these standard business processes were built right into the software system you used everyday?

…this local business coaching organization could show you how your company can become a “learning organization” – one that has a key competitive advantage as you align your people, systems and priorities?

...your company had a local Six Disciplines Leadership Centers by your side to assist you along the way?

BOTTOMLINE: Time to experience what a Six Disciplines Leadership Center can offer to your organization.

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