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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

If It Works - Keep Doing It

Over at QLog, Thom Quinn presents this short article focusing on "Myth Three: None of the techniques from the 20th century work any longer"

His premise?

Here are some just a few ‘ancient’ strategies that still have great value:

  • Mission Statements/Purpose Statements
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Goal Setting
  • Daily Task Lists with Ranked Priorities
  • Urgent vs. Important

"I am willing to bet that 99 times of out 100, someone employing only techniques developed 40 years ago would be more productive than someone using no techniques whatsoever!"

BOTTOMLINE: "Do not shun an idea just because it turned 50 last week. Instead of asking the question “How old is it?” I suggest asking “Does it work?”

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