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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What If...Part IV

What If...

...this intuitive software that you used every day could help you to document your mission, vision, values, strategic position, making it all accessible to everyone in your organization?

...this software also helped you to track your organization's financial, operational and people goals?

...this same software also featured fully-integrated people-processes like individual performance development, 360 performance feedback, performance appraisals, incentive and recognition programs, and recruiting?

...this same software also featured fully-integrated financial-processes processes like cash, billing, receivables, payables and general ledger?

...this same software also featured fully-integrated key Sales, Marketing and Service processes like sales opportunities, marketing leads, service incidents, contracts, alerts and escalation?

...this same software also featured fully-integrated key Project processes like project scheduling, resource scheduling, project billing, timesheets and expense reports?

...this same software also featured fully-integrated included customized measurements, alerts, and reports – specific to your business - to keep you on track?

...this software system was accessible anywhere there was an Internet connection, was available 24 x 7, was easy-to-use and to learn, and worked seamlessly with other software you already know how to use? had 24 x 7 web-based access to a resource library of hundreds of online learning materials, specific to your use of this system – and to your role within your organization?

BOTTOMLINE: The Six Disciplines Business System is all of this - and more.

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