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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What If...Part III

What If... organization conducted several years of research, and chose only the essential elements of strategic planning, quality management, integrated learning, business process automation, people performance management and measure driven improvement – and optimized them -- just for small businesses?

…the result of that research was developed into a very practical, systematic, six-step "business-building" methodology?

…that practical approach to building your business was not “yet another management fad” – but rather, was based upon proven, time-tested, established business principles and best practices?

…that practical approach was designed into an easy-to-use, intuitive software system that you used every day – that kept you on track, and kept you accountable for your organization's execution - and ultimately, it's success?

…this same organization had invested over $12 million and 60 man-years to develop an innovative "system" around this proven, time-tested, six-step methodology – to help the best-performing small businesses achieve lasting excellence?

BOTTOMLINE: What if wanted to find out more? Read Six Disciplines for Excellence.

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