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Friday, May 05, 2006

Why Business Needs More Geeks

Rob over at BusinessPundit, offers his take on why business needs more geeks.

His premise?

"When I talk about geeks, I am not making blanket statements about tech workers. Plenty of tech workers are lousy at what they do. What I mean by geeks is people that are fascinated with their work, enjoy it, and are willing to do it for fun."

So what can we do? How can business return to the roots of capitalism? By embracing geeks. Here are the top five reasons I think business needs them:

  1. Geeks seek knowledge for it's own sake.
  2. Geeks like to experiment.
  3. Geeks openly debate the merits of technical ideas.
  4. Geeks are concerned with doing good work just because.
  5. Geeks are about results, not office politics.

BOTTOMLINE: Rob says: "Imagine working in a company where the business leaders embraced these geeky ideas. Imagine the impact a company could have if filled with people who always wanted to learn, debate, and do things the right way instead of the easy way. Imagine working with business geeks who love what they do because they believe business itself is ultimately cool and fun."

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