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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sports Excellence - A Tribute to Earl Woods

This, from a tribute to Earl Woods, dedicated father of Tiger Woods, who passed on today at age 74:

"In an athletic world filled with athletes who jog to first base and give half-hearted efforts, Woods stands out for his consistent excellence each and every time he steps on the stage. The fact that he has carried himself with such impeccable manners and decorum off said stage is even more impressive, because we know in this regard, he’s the exception, not the rule.

“I wanted to raise a good person,” Earl Woods told Golf Digest in November of 2000, and therein lies the real glory to a man whose life deserves to be celebrated. Earl Woods never asked of himself anything more than what many of us ask of ourselves when we put our kids to bed at night: Let them be safe. Let them be respectful. Let them be strong. Let them know right from wrong.

BOTTOMLINE: They poured the foundation. They showed the way. That Tiger Woods followed in a manner that has helped make him one of the world’s most admired athlete is a tribute to the power of love. The dignity and humility that have accompanied this incomparable success of Tiger Woods? That is owed to a legacy left by Earl Woods. May he rest in peace.

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