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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Communication is Critical for Engaging The Team

Survey results from Right Management Consultants reveals that two thirds of employees do not know or understand their employer's business strategy and are not engaged in their jobs.

Other disturbing findings:

  • The main reason why most employees are disengaged is the failure of employers to communicate their business strategies to their people.
  • Almost one in three organizations (28%) limit such communication to only their leadership teams.
  • 25% have not yet communicated their strategy to all their employees.
  • One in seven organizations (15%) are uncertain of the best way to do this.
"Management's effective communication of the vision of the business to all employees, and how it can be lived in their daily jobs, is one of the biggest differentiators between engaged and disengaged work forces," said Right Management Consultants' Chris Gay.

BOTTOMLINE: Leadership's responsibility is to communicate strategy to everyone in the organization, and not only communicate it, but to share the vision so there is team member "buy-in." It's the only way to get team members engaged in their work. If you want to get alignment and execute your strategy more consistently, work to engage your team.

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