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Monday, January 08, 2007

Renewing Your Mission

Now with the beginning of the new year, we will be covering each of the individual steps, beginning with Discipline I - Decide What's Important, Step I-A, Renew Mission.

Some Hints and Tips to help you renew (or craft) your company's Mission:
  • A company's mission explains why an organization exists and what its purpose is.
  • Purpose should be enduring - something the pursuit of which is limitless.
  • The simpler the better. Fewest words to express an powerful idea.
  • Purpose must be authentic - must come from within, not based on what "looks good."
  • Mission statements focus on WHY, not HOW (how is strategy, which changes over time.)

BOTTOMLINE: For more on Mission Statements, visit BNET here. And here's a blog all about company's mission statements.

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