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Monday, January 15, 2007

The Impact of Psychological Capital On Your Business

The Gallup Management Journal just published an interesting article, Hope, Optimism, and Other Business Assets (Why "psychological capital" is so valuable to your company).

Their premise?

  • Very few people have inventoried their psychology, and even fewer know which attributes really propel business performance.
  • Human capital has been studied and tested extensively, but psychological capital is such a new idea that few of us know whether we've got any or not.

Dr. Fred Luthans, Ph.D. says that, though management science and economics have explored business with excruciating thoroughness, they've overlooked something big -- the human mind.

Further research led him to a breakthrough: Hope, confidence, optimism, and resiliency make workers more productive.

However, Dr. Luthans' research takes it further than conventional wisdom.

  • He's found that these attributes can be embedded, developed, measured, and trained to create sustainable, predictable, measurable increases over time. And that's not just common sense, that's profit.

BOTTOMLINE: It's this new focus on "human factors" that will revolutionize the business excellence industry. And Six Disciplines is helping to bring all these factors together as we create a new category of business excellence program, designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses - optimized for sustainable execution.

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