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Monday, January 15, 2007

What a Company Needs Most

David Maister, over at Passion, People and Principles, asks the intriguing question: What a Company Needs Most

If you HAD to put them in order, what do you think are the most important key ingredients for a company (or an organization)?

  • A Mission?
  • A Vision?
  • Values?
  • A Direction?
  • A Culture?
  • A Set of "Rules and Obligations" for membership?
  • A Purpose?
Check out the comments here.

I tend to agree with Scot Herrick who said:

"I'll take one that isn't on the list: execution.

One can have great strategy, vision, values, be customer centric, purpose, rules, and a culture and they all mean nothing if the company and the people in it can't execute.

If execution works, it will naturally lead to where the company should be going because there is immediate feedback as to what works and what doesn't.

So the ability to execute a task, plan, strategy, deliver services to a customer, within a culture trumps everything."

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