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Monday, January 08, 2007

Make Each Individual Plan (IP) Status Meeting Go Smoothly

As stated in Six Disciplines for Excellence, (page 53), " of the greatest organizational tools ever invented is the individual quarterly plan. In Discipline IV. Work The Plan, every person in the company works with his/her team leader to develop Individual Plans (or IPs) for the upcoming quarter. These goals are reviewed and checked for alignment with company goals.
This quarterly plan serves as a timesaving template for a weekly IP Status report.

BOTTOMLINE: It is during the weekly IP Status meeting that Team Members and their Leaders take responsibility - and are accountable -- for their own goals, report progress, and use their own innovative capability to solve problems (page 54).

If the concept of a weekly status meeting is foreign or uncomfortable for you, here's a great reference tool (for one-on-one meetings) to help make things go smoothly.

(Tip of the hat to Manager Tools for this one!)

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