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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Think Clearly about Change

Talent Management has posted an article about the "busyness" of change initiatives.

Their premise:

"Busyness is the word of the day — we are all too busy! Too busy to attend important meetings, to think through key decisions, to keep others informed, to ask for input from stakeholders, to listen to the needs of our people, to think outside the box. This is not a pretty picture, yet it is epidemic in organizations."

  • Prolonged busyness carries a price. It unduly stresses people and — plain and simple — it leads to poor judgment, mistakes and sloppy work.
  • Change does create more work for people, and it does make them busier.

BOTTOMLINE: "There is much that can be done when planning change to improve its chance of success. The factors we listed earlier are a good place to begin. But even more important is to ensure and protect regular time to think clearly about how you lead your changes, what shows up that you did not expect and what you will need to do to adjust course so you can deliver your promised result. "

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