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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Aligning Your Team Members for Organizational Learning

From Worthwhile Magazine - comes this article on "Why You Are Overworked.."

"Most organizations still order themselves into silos - departments, divisions, and units - with each person carrying a title and role within that silo.

Our workload, unfortunately, does not shift accordingly. We continue to fulfill the duties of our silo, while also taking on the incremental increase in duties outside the silo. The number of people from whom you need information, cooperation, or at a minimum who you need to keep in the loop, has mushroomed. The proliferation of tasks and reports puts individuals inside the system under considerable stress. It also creates organizational inefficiency.

Successful organizations will meet the challenge. They will shift their organizational structure away from silos and align their workforce toward networks."

Here are five practical guidelines:

  1. Individuals inside the organization should be assigned tasks in relation to a project, and only provisionally in relation to a job title.
  2. Distinct silos within the same organization replicate tasks unnecessarily.
  3. Management must learn to trust more and exercise more consistent accountability.
  4. Hold meetings only when absolutely necessary.
  5. Managers should be recognized for cutting outmoded tasks as well as shaving expenses.

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