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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Organizational Learning - Transforming to Knowledge

Chief Learning Officer offers this article "Enterprise Excellence: Transforming Learning Into Knowledge."

The premise?

"Do good ideas go unused in your organization? How many times do people withdraw or disengage because they think no one cares or is listening? What innovative ideas are going un-executed because no one knew about them?"

Increasingly, organizations are learning the value of harnessing the knowledge from within themselves to provide insight into marketplace trends, innovation and the identification of barriers to high performance. Agile organizations use employee intelligence to scan the environment, focus on the best strategy and shift their actions.

Chris Argyris and Peter Senge’s concept of “Learning Organizations” held that an organization could learn as well as an individual.

BOTTOMLINE: Integrated learning (also known as Organizational Learning) is one of the six best-practices upon which Six Disciplines is designed. Survey tools are built into the Six Disciplines Execution Management System to facilitate "pulsing" - obtaining data/feedback simultaneously, enabling a whole new platform for an interactive style of organizational learning and leadership for small and emerging businesses.

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