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Friday, November 03, 2006

Focus Is The Key For Small Business Executives

In a recent worldwide survey by NFI Research of 246 managers and senior executives, focus was a big differentiator for executive skills.

Their premise:

  • Every person has a set of 12 executive skills (self-restraint, working memory, emotion control, focus, task initiation, planning/prioritization, organization, time management, defining and achieving goals, flexibility, observation and stress tolerance).
Slightly more than a fifth (22 percent) of senior executives and managers are high in focus, while 8 percent are low.

  • By company size, more of those high in focus are at large companies rather than small or medium. More of those low in focus are in medium companies, followed by small.
  • By title and company size, the most who are high in focus are senior executives in small companies.
  • The most who are low in focus also are senior executives in small companies.
  • There were no senior executives in large companies who rated low in focus.

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