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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Alternatives For The Holiday Office Party

We all get stuck in ruts, and the annual holiday party can be another one. But with some creative thinking, the holidays can be a time to bring everyone together and reward your team members for a job well done.

The NFIB offers these alternatives for creative thinking and alternatives to the annual holiday office party:

  • Give team members time off or an extra paid day or two off
  • Give team members a day off to do charitable work
  • Take team members to a local children’s hospital or retirement home where they can volunteer their time for half a day
  • Create a holiday suggestion box
  • Write letters (not just Holiday cards) to your team member's families
  • Consider offering team members a flex-time holiday plan

BOTTOMLINE: There are many alternatives to the holiday office party. It's not the event and what you give - it's what you give back.

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