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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Be Excellent™ - Explained

In the post below, we took a slight diversion and "found" the explanation of WHAT we're doing with the Be Excellent™ blog.

Perhaps a more interesting question: What does the phrase "Be Excellent™" mean?

The phrase "Be Excellent™" is a trademarked tagline of Six Disciplines Corporation.

The long-term strategic position we are building at Six Disciplines is our ability to enable top-performing organizations to establish and maintain the discipline required to achieve LASTING business excellence - through sustainable execution.

The word “BE” conveys continuity -- a state of achieving and remaining excellent – lasting improvement. “BE” is a powerful, evocative word that speaks to an organization's or individual’s integrity – being what we say we are.

The word “BE” implies some level of attainment has been achieved that is not temporal. It is the opposite of "faddish" – try it, and then lose interest over time.

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