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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Purpose of Mission Statements

So much has been written about developing mission statement, it's time to make some sense of it all.

Mission or purpose should be enduring -- something the pursuit of which is limitless.

A company's mission explains why the organization exists - and what its purpose is. (Not what you hope it is, or want it to be - but what your organization is.)

The mission must be long-term. The purpose should be valid 20-30 years or more - regardless of changes in technology, economics, or customer trends.

Your organization's mission should focus on why - not how. "How" is strategy, and will change over time.

For examples of mission statements, see Man on a Mission.

For a humorous look at mission statements, see Dilbert's Mission Statement Generator.

BOTTOMLINE: The mission of Six Disciplines? "To help the best small businesses to achieve lasting excellence."

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