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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What is Accountability?

The BusinessPundit posted this (sponsored by the new firm PeerSight) "Holding Yourself Accountable."

"What is accountability?

What was common among all of the answers is that as humans there are many actions and behaviors that are foreign to our individual natures.

Whatever you don't like to do - but need to do - it takes intentional effort and discipline for us to do these things.

That's where accountability comes in. Accountability to ourselves or others can often provide the motivation needed to ensure we overcome our natural resistance."

BOTTOMLINE: One of the three barriers to sustainable business excellence is human factors. We usually know what to do, but the fact is, we don't always do it. That's why Six Disciplines is the first sustainable program for strategy-driven execution. It takes into account the human factors of accountability - and transforms individuals and organizations by addressing the accountability factor directly.

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